on Apple

Apple’s motto, ‘Think Different’ says it all, as they push conventional understanding and uses of technology. Founded in 1976 by visionary entrepreneur, Steve Jobbs –Apple has since become the leader in ubiquitous computing and sleek user-interface design, with a revenue of over 50 billion per year!

Apple’s products include the new iPad, iPhone, iPod, Apps and Macs. Apple has changed the way of computing to include a unified brand for browsing, email, viewing photos, watching videos, playing games, listening to music and even reading eBooks on the new iPad.

Apple’s iPhone revolutionized the way we use cellular phones. Convergence in mobile devices is key to Apple’s vision. Some neat ideas to emerge from the iPhone include seamless integration from one function to another. Users can toggle between browsing, using the phone or any number of functions with ease. Another neat trick by Apple: the indiscriminate user view, where there is no up or down! The device displays to either ‘portrait’ or ‘landscape’ depending on how the device is held. When viewing galleries, users can ‘pinch’ open galleries. Also, ‘scrolling’ is achieved more like how a reader turns the pages of a page.

Apple users can purchase hardware and software, including iTunes, apps, movies, eBooks and more through Apple’s online store.

Apple’s software includes QuickTime,the new iLife, iWork, Aperture and Final Cut Studio, to name just a few.

Some interesting facts about Apple:

  • Apple sold it’s first Powerbook in 1991
  • There are currently 140,000 apps available and more to come …
  • 250 million iPods have been sold around the world since 2001

Apple User-Interface Guidelines

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