on Photography

Graffiti in Barcelona, photo taken by Nancy

This photo was taken in Barcellona.

In university, I minored in photography at Ryerson, and studied at the Société française de photographie for a summer in belle Paris!
This incredible experience of a lifetime introduced me to the rich history of photography and enabled me to see the earliest works from photography’s invention, in 1837.
As you may have guessed, photography is a great passion of mine, so I will do my best to be concise here!

I’ve decided to break this entry into three parts:

  1. a brief background/ history of photography with honourable mention of a few pioneers (an interesting tangent … but I digress!)
  2. a brief discussion of composition in photography
  3. sources on the Web, including image galleries and stock photography (with a caveat about Copyright and Creative Commons)

Stay tuned … there’s more to come….

The history of photography

On composition in photography

  • One-third /two-thirds Rule

Sources of photography on the Web

  1. awsome street art,the image tells a thousand stories……..

    • Thanks, Peter!
      … just workin’ on setting up a flickrpress stream! There’s more pix to come …. Stay tuned!

  2. I love the striking picture you took in Barca
    and what a dream to major in photography… very jealous!

    • Thanks for your note! Glad you like the pic! … And the course was great! –Would do it all over again! 🙂

    • Ryan Anderson
    • July 9th, 2010

    cool pic!

    • firmanpp
    • December 17th, 2010

    nice arts

  3. i love the bench sitting cheeky to one side

    • michellenng
    • January 6th, 2011

    Wow, this is amazing!!!

  4. I’m enjoying your blog. Thanks for breaking this post down so well. The photo is intriguing.

  5. Great picture

    • Genea Elizabeth Bailey
    • March 13th, 2011

    this is really beautiful. do you have anymore like it?

    http://geneabailey.wordpress.com/ check out my stuff too.

  6. i love this photo! so you only minored in photography?

    • iamelsbethsweet
    • May 6th, 2011


    • shaylessman
    • July 4th, 2011

    I really enjoy the composition of this piece. Even though the image is mostly monochromatic, This photograph is striking because of the angles that lead your eyes throughout the image. The knuckle leads your eye to the bench. The image in the upper right corner leads to the face, as do the pointed fingers.

    This is definitely a well-composed photograph. As an amateur photographer, I appreciate the time and effort that it takes to make a shot look like this. I only took a course in phtography in college. Never minored in it. I would appreciate a critique of my work if you have time. Thanks for sharing.

  7. That is really nice picture~I love the style!

  8. Great post

  9. Very interesting!

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