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Graffiti in Barcelona, photo taken by Nancy

This photo was taken in Barcellona.

In university, I minored in photography at Ryerson, and studied at the Société française de photographie for a summer in belle Paris!
This incredible experience of a lifetime introduced me to the rich history of photography and enabled me to see the earliest works from photography’s invention, in 1837.
As you may have guessed, photography is a great passion of mine, so I will do my best to be concise here!

I’ve decided to break this entry into three parts:

  1. a brief background/ history of photography with honourable mention of a few pioneers (an interesting tangent … but I digress!)
  2. a brief discussion of composition in photography
  3. sources on the Web, including image galleries and stock photography (with a caveat about Copyright and Creative Commons)

Stay tuned … there’s more to come….

The history of photography

On composition in photography

  • One-third /two-thirds Rule

Sources of photography on the Web


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