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On creating online portfolios + finding inspiration

Smashing Magazine offers some helpful tips on how to create an effective online portfolio –Show ’em your stuff!

Looking for inspiration? … Here are some ideas on where to look.

And here are some tips for creating creative résumés …. (Thanks, Laura! :))

And finally, Smashing Magazine gave this showcase of websites from around the world (wide web)!

Advertisements a great resource to help you learn, master, and apply digital tools and techniques.

I learned about educator and graphic designer, Lynda Weinman back in the day of web-safe colours. Lynda was the first to painstakingly identify the 216 of 256 possible browser-safe colours in both hexadecimal and RGB. At the time, this resource was essential to designers, as colour was less predictable onscreen –depending on your choice of colour and how you were viewing (i.e. browser or platform).

Now-a-days, browser-safe colour is less of an issue but continues to be a great resource for learning tips, tools and techniques for anything web/ graphics related.

To keep up-to-date on the latest, greatest trends and techniques in web and graphic design, visit:’s lbrary of video tutorials are well worth watching!


on Photography

Graffiti in Barcelona, photo taken by Nancy

This photo was taken in Barcellona.

In university, I minored in photography at Ryerson, and studied at the Société française de photographie for a summer in belle Paris!
This incredible experience of a lifetime introduced me to the rich history of photography and enabled me to see the earliest works from photography’s invention, in 1837.
As you may have guessed, photography is a great passion of mine, so I will do my best to be concise here!

I’ve decided to break this entry into three parts:

  1. a brief background/ history of photography with honourable mention of a few pioneers (an interesting tangent … but I digress!)
  2. a brief discussion of composition in photography
  3. sources on the Web, including image galleries and stock photography (with a caveat about Copyright and Creative Commons)

Stay tuned … there’s more to come….

The history of photography

On composition in photography

  • One-third /two-thirds Rule

Sources of photography on the Web

Elements of Visual Design

  • Line
  • Shape
  • Direction
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Value

Yale Style Guide 3

The Yale Style Guide was the first online guide for web designers. Now in it’s third incarnation, it’s still an excellent resource!